A unique portfolio promises Stock Report Trend Trader. Is some truth in the promise or is it even about trying a strategy with which it itself is not successful enough, yet another to sell at least? The philosophy of the Trend Trader is simple, namely just the trend to follow.


  •  Trend Trader Overview
  •  1. The first impression
  •  2. The trend-following strategy
  •  3. The research
  •  4. Alternatives to Trend Trader
  •  5. Conclusion


  • Focuses on trend-following strategy
  • Paid subscription
  • has been around for over ten years
trend Trader

Even the professionals do not always know how the markets evolve Photo: German Bank



knowledgeAdvertising market letters abound, but not all are reputable. Some read this before investing money proclaim example for years that soon the DAX will collapse. After such a crash you then refers to the fact that it had predicted the slump. Advertise that previously for many years wrongly a stock market crash was summoned.

Here, the trend traders is at least positive on. Instead every week predict the same event on the basis of trend-following strategy promising stocks presented. However, it may also be the trend traders do not leave, with selected gains to advertise without revealing which losses have made with other stocks investors.

The alarmist warning on the cover acts not necessarily serious.

WARNING: If you no proven
buy shares strategy on the stock market, you will
probably achieve losses in the long run.

This is only true if you buy hectic shares and sold, true to the old market players saying “Back and forth makes empty pockets.” Who has simply plugged money into a DAX index funds, making it the DAX mimics that the best review online has high in recent years, profits made.

The first impression is mixed. But at least the market letter seems somewhat serious.


strategyThe trend-following strategy is a very simple yet effective approach. One uses the inertia of the stock market . When stocks rise, they often do a long time, if they are also covered. There are various reasons. For one thing, it takes time until a new information such as good earnings prospects have also been found in the courses according to precipitation, even if that goes faster and faster due to the computerization.

Then there is the herd mentality when many investors with a share success have, then others do it for them. Thus, the trend following strategy is to some extent a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The trend traders market letter quoted here an article from the Süddeutsche Zeitung that after the scientist trend following strategy as the most successful market strategy view. However, he fails to mention that the economic journalists of the SZ they hold for private investors only limited use because it with a high workload associated.

The trend-following strategy assumes that the direction of prices does not change every second. So you should follow the trend and buy stocks that have risen in the past.


kontoeroeffnungThe trend traders Stock Report waived high-risk securities such as options, which is a plus point . It is also good that the exact on every buy or sell recommendation order conditions are specified, for example, what should be the maximum pay for a stock.

You can test the market letter only if you subscribe to it for at least half a year though. A free trial subscription or a shorter term does not exist. Even accurate data to the success of the depots after deducting the costs do not exist, instead, only individual achievements on the website presented.

In the forums you read many critical voices, but find out if other traders think also a few positive. Is strange that sometimes literally the same in different forums reviews find, but by different users. This may be a coincidence, but also a Notes on paid or self-written posts.

Unfortunately, the proclaimed successes can not check and the test access is not free and runs at least six months.



NewsWho does not monthly money for the Trend Trader Stock Reportspend, but also does not want to make itself on the search for successful values, which can in Social Trading follow experienced traders. Is best known here Cypriot Broker eToro , or wikifolio where you can only track or copy automatically do the decisions of other traders either. However, eToro does not provide stock trading, but contracts for differences .

There is also the question of whether investors who do not have fun on trading, not just in some selected long term stocks or ETFs should invest. With an index fund, the development portfolio as well as the relevant index such as the DAX. Whether sophisticated strategies can really excel is doubtful because even with favorable brokers the buying and selling costs a lot of money, which first has to be earned. Add to this the cost of the market letter, which must also be earned.

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